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Agnus Dei

Aus dem Musical „POLYPHONIE, ein Mystical“ verlegt bei Cantus, Verlag für Theater, Musik und Film

© Hanke / Wallner
Selfish desire
and satisfied wisdom
taught me unkindness,
led me to death.
I had forgotten,
any appearance
is created of love.
For my unkindness
I'm really guilty,
no hope for pardon,
no remission.
I give you all my power,
my hands are empty,
transformation of myself.
Agnus dei
qui tollis peccata mundi
miserere nobis
dona nobis pacem.
Agnus dei
qui tollis peccata mei
miserere mihi
dona mihi pacem.
I look in God's mirror,
divine is my own future,
responsible for love,
for my own life.
Now let it happen.
Thanks Agnus Dei,
don't need you anymore.
Ego agnus mei
qui tollo peccata mei
misereor mihi
dono mihi pacem.
Ego agnus mei
qui tollo peccata mundi
misereor nobis.


Das ist nicht die vollständige Musik, aber es gibt sie gegen Bezahlung zum downloaden!

Hearing sample!
This is not the complete music, but if you pay for it, you can download!


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