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Forty days


Aus dem Musical „POLYPHONIE, ein Mystical“ verlegt bei Cantus, Verlag für Theater, Musik und Film

© Hanke / Wallner
(also under use of a variabled theme by F. Hollaender)

Unusual drought,
threatening calm,
bizarre desert is to feel,
it is me.
Where is my way?
How can I do
what to do?

Temptation of swift green, illusion of sense.
Sap-green needs a living source!
Maybe it
is God’s love
or my love?

Now forty days are passing by, I leave my desert now.
Religion turns to love,
guides me.

Forty days in the desert with yearning thirst
may tell you what you are and where you come from.
Love can revive you.
But don’t look at the word, only to be love
delivers me, there is no rule.

I see the world and feel my own love,
reflection of God,
(For forty days)
and see:
An image is God (the forty days)
of me. (Thanks forty days).


Das ist nicht die vollständige Musik, aber es gibt sie gegen Bezahlung zum downloaden!

Hearing sample!
This is not the complete music, but if you pay for it, you can download!


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