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John Lovely


Aus dem Musical „POLYPHONIE, ein Mystical“ verlegt bei Cantus, Verlag für Theater, Musik und Film

(An instructive ballad)
© Hanke / Wallner
John Lovely was a strong young man
from the Northern Uplands.
He came to the south and he was full of sweat
as he saw Secret Lake .
Unclothed he divided the waves,
back to the shore he found no garment.
The only thing that he could espy
was a lovely blond maid.
Bewitched from her charm
he kissed her lips,
the fairy kissed him too.
A bridal wreath sailed over the sea
and blessed their wedding night.
"Every man, who kissed my lips
must be my property for seven years.
That's the rule of all fairy-tales",
said the lovely blond maid.
And as the seven years past by
she was shedding bitter tears.
John Lovely took her in his arms
and said: "You don't need to fear.
Every girl, who kissed my lips
must be my property for evermore."
And that's the destiny of young John
and the lovely blond maid.


Das ist nicht die vollständige Musik, aber es gibt sie gegen Bezahlung zum downloaden!

Hearing sample!
This is not the complete music, but if you pay for it, you can download!


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