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My song

Aus dem Musical „POLYPHONIE, ein Mystical“ verlegt bei Cantus, Verlag für Theater, Musik und Film

© Hanke / Wallner
You gentle breeze,
please bring my song
down to the river
where I was born.
To Ma and Daddy,
to all daffodils
being in blossom
on their burial mounds.
Refresh the forehead
of my beloved man.
He's tired of working,
tilling the ground.
The song for my baby
bring to his bed.
Please stroke his cheek,
rock him to sleep.
May my song comfort
my husband, my son,
and stop their tears,
I can never come.
Up on the source
my body's resting there,
but my heart is flying,
ever lies by theirs.


Das ist nicht die vollständige Musik, aber es gibt sie gegen Bezahlung zum downloaden!

Hearing sample!
This is not the complete music, but if you pay for it, you can download!



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