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Aus dem Musical „POLYPHONIE, ein Mystical“ verlegt bei Cantus, Verlag für Theater, Musik und Film

© Hanke / Wallner
Windows open, foggy town.
I´m waiting for the sunrise.
Blackbird's praying to the day
songs of expectation.
Sunshine, warm my body,
the night was long and cold,
will fly to my darling
behind the four willows.
Soar up to the sky,
clouds lead us near to heavens gate.
We only need a bit of fortune
and they will let us in.
Reaching paradise,
two birds in shining happiness.
Now I want go to the willows
and hope to find my way.

Das ist nicht die vollständige Musik, aber es gibt sie gegen Bezahlung zum downloaden!

Hearing sample!
This is not the complete music, but if you pay for it, you can download!


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